Mr Jiver at work
Mr Jiver at work
K1 Kyler Murray Chess set Green Light by Mr Jiver x Purling London
Purling x Mr. Jiver Art Chess set ‘Green Light’ 1 of 1 for NFL star Kyler Murray

Mr Jiver is a London based artist who has been making his name in the global graffiti scene since 1997 when he first picked up a spray can. Since being a student at London’s Central St Martins he has gone on to paint artwork all over the world, including; New York, Barcelona, Prague, Milan, across the UK and most notably Dubai, where he worked as part of a world renowned team of artists who successfully broke the Guinness World Record for the largest graffiti wall ever painted.

Most recently, Mr. Jiver and Purling collaborated on a 1 of 1 chess set especially for NFL Arizona Cardinals Quarterback, Kyler Murray (aka ‘K1’). Kyler Murray is one of the best football players of his generation and is also a passionate chess player! Mr Jiver’s artwork on this 1 of 1 Purling chess set is inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald ‘The Great Gatsby’s ‘green light across the water’ which is seen by the novel’s hero and Kyler Murray himself as a symbol of hope.

Kyler Murray K1 Chess set featured in My Cause My Cleats
Purling x Mr. Jiver Art Chess ‘Green Light’ 1 of 1 for NFL star Kyler Murray

Over the last 20 years Mr. Jiver has taken inspiration from some of his favourite artists including Futura 2000 and Dondi as well as his own artistic surroundings. His more recent abstract expressionism work on canvas brings to light some of his influences from much loved artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Franz Kline, whilst maintaining the strong connection to his original art form.

Pink, black, and white chess pieces by Mr Jiver on display at World Chess Hall of Fame
Art Chess by Mr Jiver at the Purling London solo exhibition at the World Chess Hall of Fame

“When I was asked to create a chess set for Purling I was extremely excited to get started, I usually paint really large canvasses and walls so for me to paint so small was a challenge. At the time I painted the pieces I was using a lot of pinks and felt that it was relevant to use it when painting the chess sets. Black, pink and white are all very strong colours and together make the perfect balance of darkness and light. There are a lot of layers in the art work and parts that are no longer visible, much like a chess game.”

​Mr Jiver

For more information about Mr Jiver visit: www.mrjiver.com

Abbey Clancy modelling sportswear designed in collaboration with Mr Jiver in front of a wall painted by Mr Jiver
Abbey Clancy models her range of custom sports gear by Mr Jiver for Reebok.
Photo copyright: JkPix. Source: Daily Mail
"Pink 1" painting by street artist Mr Jiver
‘Pink 1’ by Mr Jiver

We are delighted to be able to offer a bespoke service for our Art games. If you would like to enquire further about commissioning Mr Jiver to create a unique hand-painted Art Chess, Backgammon or Checkers set specially for you, please get in touch via our Contact Form below.

Kyler Murray K1 Great Gatsby Green light chess set
‘Green Light’ Purling x Mr Jiver Art Chess set 1 of 1 for Kyler Murray
Art Chess by Mr Jiver

Mr Jiver Art Chess in progress
Art Chess in progress
Art Chess by Mr Jiver close up