Purling London at the new Harrods Arcade & Games Room

Harrods Games Room
Harrods Games Room in the new Arcade

Harrods launched its brand new Arcade & Games Room. The newly designed space maintains an echo of a classic Victorian arcade, but with a sleek, contemporary slant and offers visitors a pleasant and memorable shopping experience.

It was exciting to be there for the set up day before the big launch the following week and to see our chess sets in pride of place in the glass display cabinets.

If you would like to visit Purling in its new location in Harrods, the Arcade & Games Room is housed on the Lower Ground Floor.

‘The Arcade’ – Games Room
(Lower Ground Floor)
87-135 Brompton Road,
Tel: +44 (0)20 7225 6800

Purling has long enjoyed close links with the iconic store and over the years we have collaborated with Harrods on various projects, such as special bespoke commissions for clients.

One our most recent collaborations was in December when we were invited to present live painting of Purling Chess products in store as part of their Christmas entertainment. Read more about our Live Painting events HERE.

Harrods Games Room chess sets
Games Room in the Harrods Arcade
Stone Chess in Black and White at Harrods
Stone Chess in Black and White at Harrods
Harrods Arcade & Games Room entrance
Entrance to the Games Room in the Arcade
Setting up the Purling display case!
Harrods Arcade
In the Arcade at Harrods

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