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Gifts for men chess set
One of a kind hand-painted Art Chess set by Nette Robinson ‘Copper Peacock’


Here at Purling London, we’ve made it our mission to promote chess as a game for women and girls. But our commitment to that endeavour doesn’t mean we neglect the other half of the population…

As we discussed in our last blog post, we’ve been delighted by the recent Queen’s Gambit -inspired influx of women into the chess world. But our range includes some wonderful, one-of-a-kind Art Games and bespoke gifts for men, since we firmly believe that chess is a game for thinkers and players of both sexes to embrace and enjoy.

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In fact, you could see the chess-set itself as a model of equality. Consider. The board’s 64 squares are evenly divided between black and white – or in our case, whatever two colours our brilliant artists and designers see fit. Each player has precisely the same forces at her or his disposal at the start of the game. Although the title of Knight remains stubbornly restricted to men, that of Bishop now definitely isn’t (and about time, too). Rook comes from an old Persian word meaning ‘chariot’; if you insist on calling these pieces Castles (please don’t) the term is at least also entirely gender-neutral.

Special gift for man hand-painted chess set
Darren John ‘Mono Pro 3.0
Gifts for man unique hand-painted games Caio Locke
Caio Locke working on his Art Chess set
one off gift for men butterfly marquetry chess board
Art Chess by KHAMAMA
gift for man Thierry Noir Art Chess set
Chess Noir‘ by Thierry Noir
Carne Griffiths Art Chess gifts for him
Art Chess by Carne Griffiths
Gifts for men and women Willum Morsch Dazzle Knight
Willum Morsch Dazzle Knight
Gifts for men chess set box
Art Chess by Daniel Brusatin
Gifts for men and women Michelle Hold
Art Chess by Michelle Hold

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Gifts for men bespoke chess pieces
Hand-illustrated Art Chess by Leonardo Frigo
Gifts for men 1 of 1 chess pieces
Art Chess by Lhouette in progress

As everyone knows, it’s a woman, in the form of the mighty Queen, who is the most powerful piece on the board. But the final outcome is determined by the capture, capitulation – or, in the case of a stalemate, cowardice or sheer cussedness – of her rather hapless consort, the King. All’s fair in love, war, and chess.

And chess itself is a great leveller. It requires focus, acuity and the ability to rapidly sift and select from multiple options and scenarios simultaneously, rather than physical strength, so women and men can play on absolutely equal terms. So as gifts for men, our Art Chess sets have the added bonus of being treats you can share and enjoy together.

With this in mind, our range of chess sets and Art Games includes something for everyone. You’ll find impressive, elegantly hand-illustrated chess pieces, and bold, one-of-one chess sets created by emerging talents and established names. As well as chess sets in traditional colours and muted tones, we have pieces finished in metallic, iridescent and other striking effects that are guaranteed to spark conversations; they’re for thinkers, not just players.

Our Art Chess sets are made to last and be treasured for generations, making them ideal gifts for your husband or partner’s significant birthday, your son’s engagement or graduation, or something special for grandad on his golden wedding anniversary. But because we give equal weight to artistry and playability, our Art Chess sets are designed to be used and played with all year round, not just on special occasions. Bespoke gifts for men, fit for a king.

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Expensive Gifts for men Leonardo Frigo Art Chess set
Art Chess by Leonardo Frigo
special gifts for him
Art Chess set by Nette Robinson ‘Copper Peacock’
 Art Chess sets gifts for men
Art Chess set by Olivia Pilling ‘Gold v Grey’
Gifts for men and women Michelle Hold working on her Art Chess
Michelle Hold working on a Bespoke Art Chess set
Special gift for man Darren John wall mounted chess board
Darren John ‘Mono Pro 3.0’ displayed on the wall
Gifts for men and women Mr Jiver Art Chess for K1
Art Chess by Mr Jiver ‘Green Light’
Gifts for men and women Art Chess by Cheba
Art Chess by Cheba

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