Lhouette (aka Ciaran Robinson) has exhibited at diverse areas and establishments, including Sotherby’s and Christie’s, Brixton, Shoreditch, the US and Hong Kong.

He was heavily influenced by East London’s vibrant street art scene. However, Lhouette was also inspired by his time serving in the Royal Navy, which offered him the opportunities to immerse himself in the life and cultures of people in many countries across several continents, including Africa, Europe, South and North America. On his return from seeing the world, Lhouette began further honing his artistic style and direction.

A major characteristic of his work is a striking binary between old and new, the raw and the refined: whether that’s juxtaposing a detailed, realistic monochromatic portrait with bold, colourful Pop art imagery, or creating a piece of work which uses both street art-style spray painted stencilled motifs and fine gold leaf work.

“I started with a mixed box of old mechanic aerosol paints and scrap sheets of salvaged wooden board. Along with a moody scanner/printer I’d acquired for creating stencils and transfers, I unknowingly at the time, was venturing into pop art realms … the work was beautifully raw!”


Lhouette Art – Behind the Scenes

Lhouette was specially commissioned to create a painting to raise money for UNICEF in its work to help children round the globe affected by the global pandemic. His painting ‘Knight Nurse’ included images relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as offering a message of hope.

Lhouette’s work ‘Knight Nurse’ (see below) was tied in to a new single by Ronan Keating called ‘Little Thing Called Love’, for which Keating invited fans to send their own images to be included in the music video together with the art work by Lhouette.   ‘Knight Nurse’  was auctioned at Sotherby’s and raised an incedible £32,500 for UNICEF.

BBC interview with Lhouette

In 2016 he embarked upon a collaborative project with Brixton’s Angell Town Estate, the purpose of which was to encourage young people to express themselves through art. The following year in, Lhouette was selected by the art committee of 45 Park Lane, which includes such luminaries as Sir Peter Blake, to exhibit his ‘Post Urban Glamour’ collection. His paintings, which feature intricately intertwining lowbrow pop culture iconography and mixed media, won him significant attention from the media, collectors and international figures.

Lhouette continues to exhibit and sell work at numerous art fairs and commercial and contemporary galleries across London, the UK and across the globe.

“I’ve always liked working with interesting items and materials so the chance to design a chess set really appealed to me in terms of how I can relay my style and ideas into a functioning board, duality of an item is exciting for me or if a canvas had a previous use (many of my canvases are industrial through outs) so the premise of the board is that it can either sit as a painting on the wall and be taking off and used as a chess set or vice versa. In terms of the look and content I wanted it to scream attention through my usual raw and refined contrasting and pop Maximalism.”


For more information about Lhouette visit: www.lhouette.com

Lhouette’s ‘Knight Nurse’ in Ronan Keating’s music video, which was specially created in support of UNICEF

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Lhouette Knight Nurse at Sotheby's
Knight Nurse’ by Lhouette fetched more than £32,000 at Sotherby’s to raise money for UNICEF