Stone Chess – Italian Alabaster Chess Sets

Our beautiful, specially designed Alabaster Chess sets are crafted in Italy from the finest quality, natural Italian alabaster.

Each Stone Chess piece is highly polished for a wonderful glossy finish and is finished with a Purling London luxury Italian nappa leather felt, branded in 18 carat gold. Purling Alabaster Chess pieces stand out as having far more defined shape and greater detail than any other set.

The satisfyingly weighty, solid alabaster chess boards are sleek, smooth and are polished to a mirror-like shine. Similar to marble, alabaster is a characterful material, with beautiful natural veining. Therefore, each piece and square on the chess board is unique!

Each set includes four queens for effortless pawn promotion. Presented with a Purling London certificate and elegant packaging, each Stone Chess set is a true gem.

How are alabaster chess sets made (in 6 seconds)? Purling London Stone Chess
black and red alabaster chess set with an elegant female hand moving a piece
Purling London Stone Chess in Red v Black
black and white alabaster chess pieces in a dark box with a purple ribbon
Purling London Stone Chess in Black v White

Black and white alabaster chess pieces


  • 34 hand-carved, Italian alabaster chess pieces in combinations of black, red and white with natural veining
  • Assembled and hand finished in London, England
  • Italian Nappa leather felts with 18 carat gold embossed Purling logos
  • Italian alabaster board, 34.5cm x 34.5cm (approx. 13.5″ x 13.5″), weight 3.3kg (7.3 lb)
  • King height 8cm (3″), weight 55g (approx. 1.9 oz), Purling Staunton design
  • Weight of boxed set including pieces and board approx. 5kg (11 lb) 
  • Luxury Purling London packaging
shiny red stone chess king
Purling London Stone Chess in Red v Black
black and white chess set made from polished stone
Game in play on Purling London’s Stone Chess in Black v White

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