Bristol-native and street artist, Sickboy is known for his humorous, colourful, neo-psychedelic compositions and is much inspired by the work of Keith Haring and Robert Crumb. He moved to London in 2007, where he took his art to the streets of the East End, particularly the boroughs of Shoreditch and Tower Hamlets. His red and yellow tag known as ‘The Temple’ and his ‘Save the Youth’ slogan can be seen on walls and wheelie bins worldwide.

Sickboy at Keith Haring Exhibition photo credit World Chess Hall of Fame
Sickboy Art Chess at Keith Haring Exhibition
(photo credit World Chess Hall of Fame)

Sickboy enjoys creating a stir and for a major London solo show in 2008, he devised stunts, such as a caged heart installation being dropped outside the Tate Modern. 

Sickboy’s work has featured in countless worldwide Graffiti books and documentary films including Banksy’s Oscar-nominated ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’, and in global and national TV, newspapers and magazines, including BBC London news, the Financial Times and the Independent.

For more information about Sickboy visit: @sickboykks

Sickboy x Purling London street Art Chess set
Art Chess by Sickboy ‘Table of Contents’
A teaser for Sickboy’s solo exhibition ‘Supernature’ at Galerie Le Feuvre, Paris by TCTV
Sickboy – ‘Make it last forever’ (2014)
A promotional video by Mark Warrington for Sickboy’s exhibition at Lazarides
Sunday Afternoon – following Sickboy leading up to his solo show in San Francisco’
Directed by Viktor Vauthier

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