Chess set by Leonardo Frigo
1 of 1 Art Chess set by Leonardo Frigo x Purling London hand-illustrated in fountain pen and ink, Made in England

Chess Sets 

At Purling London we offer an artistic and playful range of chess sets. All based on the same Staunton design, our selection extends from unique chess sets painted by British street-artists to traditional Ebony & Boxwood pieces. Every Purling chess piece is hand-carved by artisans, heavily weighted and hand-finished with an Italian Nappa leather felt – embossed with the Purling logo in 18 carat gold. All of our chess sets are assembled and quality checked at our studios in London, England.

We are known for our unique Art Chess sets; hand-painted by our specially commissioned British and international artists including Thierry Noir, Olivia Pilling and Sophie Matisse. Each piece is a playful sculpture and together with our Bespoke service can be uniquely customised to reflect your interior decoration, corporate brand, a special event or personal memory.

black and red alabaster chess set with an elegant female hand moving a piece
Purling London Stone Chess set in Italian Alabaster with natural veining, assembled in London UK

Our best-selling Chess set range is our beautiful Stone Chess, which is crafted from solid Italian alabaster with natural veining. These sets are carved in Italy from solid stone and assembled with Nappa leather felts with 18 carat gold logos in London England. They are compact in size and perfect for a coffee table.

Our Bold Chess sets feature rich, glossy lacquered pieces in limited edition colours. We can even offer Bespoke Bold Chess with colours matched to Pantones of your choice. These hand-made boxwood chess men combine with a selection of modern chess boards including our exclusive Grey-stained Maple wood. A classic shape with a contemporary twist.

Heritage Chess set hand-carved in Ebony & Boxwood with our new Nappa leather felts with 18 carat gold Purling logos, assembled in London England
Art Chess set by Carne Griffiths uniquely original artwork hand-illustrated in tea and ink, Made in England
Chess sets on display at Christie's
Purling London exhibited at Christie’s, London including by a 1 of 1 Art Chess set by collaborator, Caio Locke inspired by the planet Mars

Purling Heritage Chess sets are the purist’s choice with hand-carved, buffed Ebony and Boxwood pieces and Birds Eye Maple & Black Anegre or Maple chessboards. A set of elegance and time-honoured craftsmanship.

Couture Art Chess are unique chess sets and one-off tables hand-made in England by visionary artists including T. Raymonzrek and Daniel Brusatin. The highest level of thought, design and craft make up these passionate tributes to the long history of art and chess.

We at Purling London pride ourselves on the finest quality products, highest levels of service and most contemporary chess sets available worldwide.

Chess set by Mr Doodle
Hand-doodled 1 of 1 Art Chess set by Mr Doodle x Purling London, Made in England
Art Chess by T Raymonzrek
Art Chess table by T Raymonzrek, 1 of 1 made in England
Black and white chess set on a grey chessboard
Bold Chess set in Gloss White v Shadow Black, assembled in London England
(Photo credit: Onyi Moss)

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