Games Room Chess Knight Art Ornament Olivia Pilling
Art Chess Ornament by Olivia Pilling
(With thanks to Gotham)
Purling Board Games Pop-up London
Purling’s Board Games Pop-up London

Games Room

Purling London brings you a curated selection of unique art pieces and playful products that will look stunning in any modern interior, games room or corner.  From eccentric, limited edition, hand-crafted designer mirrors by British company Form + Beyond, through to games-inspired neon signs, original paintings and whimsical prints by contemporary artists such as Olivia Pilling and Kate Brinkworth, there is something for everyone.

As well as art to adorn your wall, we also have a selection of beautiful, hand-painted chess-themed desk ornaments  in our collection.  We have a stunning pair of Knights painted by Caio Locke in meticulous detail,  a trio of flamboyant and exotically coloured pieces by Crystal Fischetti entitled “The Three Kings” and a set of two striking “Stars and Stripes” Kings by Nette Robinson.

American flag chess king
Art Chess Ornament by Nette Robinson
(With thanks to Gotham)
Art Chess by Darren John at Exhibitionist Hotel photograph by Ian Iceton
Unique Purling bracket allows you to hang your Art Chess board on the wall for display and storage
(Photo credit: Ian Iceton)
Art Chess ornament by Leonardo Frigo
Art Chess Ornament by Leonardo Frigo
(With thanks to Gotham)

If you are looking for beautiful quality art to accessorise your home interior or corporate space, we invite you to discover what is on offer in the Purling London Games Room.

“We are aiming to build the finest, curated selection of games themed prints and original artworks to decorate your home with mischievousness, passion and fun”

– Simon Purkis, Founder and Director, Purling London Ltd.

chess king in a book shelf
Heritage Chess
(With thanks to Gotham)

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