Maison & Objet, Paris exhibits Purling London in their Future Trends space

Maison & Objet Paris Sept’16 – Purling London (@ 0:34 secs) was selected for the ‘future trends’ space

The team at Purling London headed to Paris to exhibit at Maison et Objet! We were delighted to have been selected by Vincent Grégoire, Alice d’Orglandes d’Aboville and Nelly Rodi to be part of 2016’s imaginative and fascinating future trends exhibition, ‘House of Games’.  

House of Games was the theme of the Maison & Objet 2016 inspiration installation, a playful section of the showroom intended to “reinitiate the creative mind” of visitors. Vincent Grégoire, an interior design and architect working with trend forecasting agency NellyRodi, turned three rooms into a baroque and whimsical exploration of oddities. A giant chess board with glossy, sculptural playing pieces gave way to a gallery of peculiar portraits and specimens. Grégoire told show organizers he was inspired by a renewed public interest in board games, private social clubs and dandy style.

Complementing the inspiration rooms was the nearby Cafe-Bookstore – designed by François Bernard of the agency Croisements – where show-goers were invited to take a break in the basket chairs suspended over a red-and-white checkerboard, or by taking a turn at one of the vintage pinball machines.
” Source: azuremagazine.com

Our chess – or as the French would say, echécs – playing cards and other games, were exhibited in this central M&O Inspirations space. Well known street artist and Purling collaborator, Inkie designed and hand-painted the chess pieces, with his unique twist. Purling’s playing cards also made for a winning House of Cards display.

Playing cards tower Maison & Objet
Purling London Playing Cards
photo credit: Maison & Objet
colourful chess pieces against a dark background
Purling London chess pieces by Inkie
photo credit: Maison & Objet
Maison et Objet, Paris

Maison et Objet House of Games with the Purling London team
Purling London team at Maison & Objet, Paris!
Maison et Objet House of Games in Paris
Maison et Objet House of Games in Paris
Maison et Objet international design show in Paris
Maison & Objet, Paris
Maison et Objet international design show
Maison & Objet, House of Games display
Maison et Objet 2016 photo credit Azure Magazine
Purling London at Maison et Objet 2016, Paris
(Photo credit: Azure Magazine)


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