Bespoke Chess Set

We offer a playful and artistic range of bespoke chess sets, Backgammon boards and checkers tables which can be created to your exacting specifications.  Our custom chess sets and games are hand-made in England. We also offer a Private Label service and can design and supply your brand with unique games and promotional products.

We can also create specially designed Bespoke Art Game boards to complement your antique pieces.

Ever since we were established, we have been collaborating with British and international artists both to create beautiful and unique Art games.  Our artists have been specially chosen to collaborate with us – including street artists, up-and-coming British artists and world famous contemporary artists such as Sophie Matisse, Tom Hackney and Thierry Noir.  Discover more about them through the links below.

Our Art games have been shown in exhibitions both in the U.K. and abroad, including Christie’s London, the Saatchi Gallery and the renowned World Chess Hall of Fame, St. Louis MO.

Why not browse our artists and commission a custom game by your favourite?  We would be very happy to discuss with you your ideas and visions for your perfect set of chess, checkers, backgammon or other board games.  If you are interested in ordering a bespoke game, please do get in touch via our Contact Form below.